April 2, 2011

The Little Mermaid
Hans Christian Andersen's Birthday and (therefore):
International Children's Book Day

The Little Mermaid!
The Snow Queen!
The Ugly Duckling and Thumbelina!

H.C. Andersen seen here sculpted in sand.
All these familiar story characters, and many more, were created by a Danish man—Hans Christian Andersen, who was born on this day in 1805. Unlike the Grimm brothers, who collected and published fairy tales that were already oral traditions, Andersen thought up his own original fairy tales. He delighted children all over the world—even during his lifetime! While he lived, Andersen was praised by kids and royalty and everyone between, and since his death, his tales have stood the test of time, being translated into more than 150 languages and inspiring movies, plays, ballets, animated films, and even toys.

Go to the Andersen Fairy Tales website to check out his stories—and to play games and do other fun stuff! 

Go to You Tube to see Danny Kaye acting as Hans Christian Andersen. You might want to start with “The Emperor's New Clothes.” 

Celebrate International Children's Book Day...

...by reading a book!

See last year's post for my picks of kids' books. 

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