April 12 – Walk on Your Wild Side Day

Posted on April 12, 2015

Today is the day to do something that other people would never expect you to do!

If pink is SO not your thing, you could wear bright pink from head to toe today. If you always wear jeans, you could dress up. If you always dress nicely, you could 
go to school or work in a pirate costume or in 60's tie-dye chic.

Or be unpredictable in more important ways than mere clothing. Sign up for a class, try a new sport, do the unexpected or maybe even the extraordinary. Sing a song in a public place – organize a flash mob for fun or a protest to bring attention to a societal problem – paint a picture – write a poem – make a meal for your whole family.

Or host a wild rumpus!

Speaking of Walking on the Wild Side, have you ever checked out the BBC show

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