April 2, 2012 - Peanut Butter and Jelly Day

For people who aren't allergic to peanuts, peanut butter is a fun and delicious way to eat protein! Peanuts have more protein, niacin, folate, and phytosterols than any nut—and, by the way, they aren't nuts! Peanuts are legumes, so they are more closely related to lentils and beans than they are to walnuts and almonds.

Peanuts also have more antioxidants than carrots, broccoli, or green tea, and they're cholesterol free.


Eat peanut butter and jelly treats today (unless you're allergic, of course). You might try these recipes for grilled PB&J sandwichesPB&J “Sushi” Rolls,  and (if you can believe it) PB&J cupcakes


For eight years, Oklahoma City, OK, was the reigning champ when it comes to the world's record larges PB&J sandwich. The OK sandwich weighed 900 pounds! But in 2010, Grand Saline, TX, broke the record with its PB&J sandwich, which weighed 1,342 pounds!

There are enough peanuts grown on one acre to make 30,000 ordinary-sized PB&J sandwiches (at least, if you have a lot of bread and jelly, too!).

Two peanut farmers were elected president of the U.S.—Thomas Jefferson and Jimmy Carter. (Well, okay, Jefferson only grew some peanuts at Monticello. It wasn't his main crop, and it wasn't even a serious cash crop.)

Find more fun facts about peanuts and peanut butter here.

If you live in Kentucky...

today is also Tater Day!

This spring festival has been going on since the mid-1800s. The people of Benton, Kentucky, join visitors in trading sweet potato slips (young shoots) that are used to grow new plants. People also buy and sell other things such as (according to Wikipedia) “guns, 'coon hounds, tobacco or livestock.”  There are carnival rides, games, potato eating contests, mule pulls, and a biggest potato contest. Finally, there is a parade with floats, the local high school marching band, horses and buggies, clowns, vintage cars, horse, and pageant winners.

Enjoy “Taters”

Start some sweet potato slips following these simple instructions

Here are some great recipes for sweet potatoes.  

Also on this date:


Plan ahead for International Pillow Fight Day on Saturday, April 7! 

There's a huge pillow fight near me. Maybe there will be one near you, too! Check it out here

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