January 15 – Hat Day

Posted on January 15, 2015

In addition to being Martin Luther King, Jr.,'s actual birthday and Humanitarian Day, today is Hat Day.

During the Victorian era, the bowler hat
became a sort of badge of respectability,
of being part of the middle class.
Hats can give protection from the sun, and they can keep you warm in cold weather. They can keep rain and snow out of your hair, and they can identify you as a member of a particular club, religion, or social group. Of course, hats can make a fashion statement.

Not all hats are equal at doing all of these things, of course!
A decade ago, wearing a baseball cap backwards
was pretty cool. Now, some say, you just look like
a poser.
Check out this periodic table of hats that helps sort out just a few of types of hats and headgear people wear.

Do people still follow hat rules? Back in the day, men would tip their hats as a sign of respect when they met a woman or an older man; nobody wore hats indoors, at an eating table, or during funeral processions; and people removed hats during the playing of the National Anthem or while the national flag is passed. I have a feeling that a whole lot of people break many or most of those rules, these days.

People who design and make hats often do amazing things to really stand out from the crowd—and the people who wear the amazing hats really stand out from the crowd, too!

Japanese pop artist and designer Nagi Noda
has started making animal hats out of HUMAN
  • Enjoy Hat Day by (of course) wearing your favorite hat!
  • Also, why not try to make a paper hat? 
  • Use hats for a memory game, to inspire make-believe, and as story starters.

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