January 28 – Happy Birthday, Jackson Pollock

Posted on January 28, 2015

Today's famous birthday is a highly regarded artist. Someone who is considered a major figure in the abstract expressionist movement. Someone whose work is well known, influential, and high priced!

Also, strangely enough, someone whose work is sometimes criticized as “just a big mess,” or “not even art.”

Jackson Pollock was born on this date in 1912, and he died when he was just 44 years old, way back in 1956. So he is not a modern guy in the sense that he is alive now, or even that he was alive during the 2000s, or even much of the last half of the 1900s. 

However, Pollock is considered a modern artist. He is also considered to be someone who turned the modern art world upside down!

What made Jackson so famous, so controversial, so influential?

For the most part, Jackson didn't stand at an easel and paint a canvas with a brush or palette knife. 

Instead, he stood over a canvas stretched out on the floor, and he poured paint, or he dripped paint. 

He even flung paint. Sometimes he used sticks and trowels rather than brushes and palette knives.

With all that pouring and dripping and flinging, Jackson's works certainly weren't realistic representations of people, creatures, places, and things. Instead, his pieces were abstract. They were expressions of pure line and color. They were motion caught by the canvas. They were spattering splatters and drapes of drips.

Some of Pollack's paintings are more monotone,
some are very colorful. Which do you prefer?

Celebrate Pollock by trying a poured-paint or dripped-paint piece yourself!

Here and here are some ideas of how to create a Pollock-like masterpiece. 

Or eat a rice crispy treat inspired by Pollock! 

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