January 9 – National Cassoulet Day

Posted on January 9, 2015

Today is devoted to the traditional meaty casserole called cassoulet.

Hosted by the “Parisian Bistro” Benoit, in New York City, this national day has been growing in popularity and now involves many restaurants.

The name “cassoulet” comes from the word cassole, which is the name for a traditional slightly-coned-shape bowl in which cassoulet is cooked. The dish is made with white beans with pork, sausage, duck confit (which just means duck mean cooked in its own fat), and gizzards (bird stomachs).

I have to admit, it sounds a bit yicky to me, but this dish is undoubtedly yummy tasting. If it is so important in Southern France that French restaurants in NYC have devoted an entire day to it...well, I would certainly be willing to try eating it! (I think I won't try to cook it.)

Of course, I'm sure you noticed that the word casserole is very similar to cassoulet. Casseroles are stews or side dishes that are cooked slowly in the oven. Again, this word comes from the French word casse, which is the deep dish that the food is cooked and served in.

Last night we had Spaetzle.
Yumm! Now...what to make tonight?
If you don't want to cook or eat gizzards tonight, perhaps you can make your family's favorite casserole to celebrate the day! Anything that heats up the oven
and the tummy sounds pretty good to me!

Here are a few kid-friendly casserole ideas. 

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