October 15 – National Cake Decorating Day

 Posted on October 15, 2014

Several websites proclaim that October 10 is National Cake Decorating Day, but others say that this very important holiday (ahem!) is today.

Whatever! All I know is – did someone say CAKE???

(Also, today is my brother's birthday, and October 10 is his wife's birthday, so for me the 10/10 and 10/15 have always been linked together, and also linked to cake!)

There are tons of great ideas about cake decorating on the internet. I instantly found this article with tons of wonderful links, plus this and this other video about easy cake decorating for kids.

With Halloween coming soon, I thought I would check out the Halloween-themed cakes – and, oh, man, did I find some amazingly cute cakes

Here is a simple way to make a spider web design. 

Here are some easy Halloween dessert and cake decorating ideas. 

Have fun with cake and frosting, fondant and candies, sprinkles and icing!

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