October 19 – Constitution Day in Niue

Posted on October 19, 2014

How would you like to live on a tiny South Pacific island with just 14 villages, just 1,500 or so inhabitants—and yet be part of one of the most powerful commonwealths in the world?

How would you like to belong to the world's first Wi-Fi nation, with sea-to-sea internet coverage provided for free by the government? (This is easier to do in a very small country, of course!) How about being in a nation that has a policy of One Laptop Per Child?

How would you like to be a citizen of a government that is committed to developing renewable energy from solar panels installed at the high school, the hospital and the power company? And how would you like to be in a nation so small you only need one high school, hospital, and power company?

How would you like to live on a raised coral atoll that has been pushed up from below so that it has cliffs, some 60- to 100-foot tall?

If all of this sounds grand, check out Niue, a self-governing South-Pacific island nation that is in free association with New Zealand and, therefore, the United Kingdom!

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