January 21, 2013 - Martin Luther King, Jr., Day AND Inauguration Day

What a nice coincidence! The day that we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who strove to bring about his dream of a future in which people are not judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character, is also the day that we inaugurate Barack Obama to his second term as U.S. President. Isn't that fitting?

A lot of the overt discrimination against black people that King called attention to and led non-violent actions against has disappeared. Some still lingers, unfortunately, and of course a lot of covert (hidden) discrimination still flourishes in a lot of places. People often have but try to hide prejudices, whisper or just think insults instead of shouting them, act out their bigotry that they insist—even to themselves—that they do not even feel.

But things are getting better. Martin Luther King, Jr., helped things get better in the 1960s, and Obama is helping things get better now, and lots and lots of other people are helping in all sorts of ways, too. Hopefully, so are you!

Inauguration Primer

  • The National Park Service is offering a Junior Ranger Activity Book and Inauguration Badge (for a limited time).

  • Social Studies for Kids has a very short article about presidential inaugurations—including interesting facts about the longest and shortest inaugural speeches.

  • Congress for Kids has an even shorter article about presidential inaugurations—but with a different assortment of facts. Check it out.

  • Look back at the historic 2009 inauguration with the Chicago Tribune's photo gallery.  Almost two million people attended that inauguration! Today's festivities are bound to be a lot smaller.

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