August 28, 2011 - MLK Makes an Important Speech

 – 1963

On this day in 1963, Martin Luther King, Jr., made the famous “I Have a Dream” speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. He delivered this speech to a crowd of about 200,000 people who crowded the Washington, D.C., mall—along the sides of the reflecting pool, all the way back to the Washington Memorial!

This speech is considered one of the greatest speeches of the twentieth century. Actually, a group of scholars of public speaking ranked it the #1 top American speech of that century.

Celebrate by watching and listening to the YouTube video of the speech.

By the way, there is a plaque in front of the Lincoln Memorial on the exact location where MLK stood to give the speech. Also, during my recent visit to Washington, D.C., I was thrilled to get a first glimpse of the Martin Luther King, Jr., Memorial, which is under construction.

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