January 31, 2013 - Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

Today we celebrate art and recognize that it affects our “heart” (emotions).

Remember, the word “art” comprises more than just drawings, paintings, and sculpture. It includes music and literature, installation art and multi-media presentations, glassblowing and quilt making and jewelry making and other “crafts,” dance and drama and other performing arts. And much, much more!

Today, try to find time to go to a gallery, watch a performance, or make some art.

Browse some art online:

Nicole Dextras creates words out of ice and allows them to melt. Check out her 6-foot-tall “View,” and other works on the menu at left. 

The kids at Imago Dei Middle School worked on a peace art project. There are tons of other “peace” pieces available on the menu at the left. 

Christo has wrapped bridges and public buildings and even islands! Checkout his latest project. 

Some artists create large pieces called Land Art or Earth Works
Check out Spiral Jetty

Also on this date:

Chess composer Sam Lloyd's birthday

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