January 27, 2013 - Thomas Crapper Day

He pushed the idea of every home having a flush toilet. Yeah for Crapper, I say! I'm glad he's been given a special day!

(By the way, we usually celebrate a person and his accomplishments on his birthday. But since nobody knows when he was born—probably some day in September, 1836—Crapper's day is on the anniversary of his death in 1910.)

The 3-D painting
on this toilet makes
it look scary!
Thomas Crapper was a plumber who lived in London, England. Some people assume that he invented the flush toilet, but he didn't. A man named John Harrington did that in 1596. Instead, Crapper made several inventions that helped improve the flush toilet, and he was an important popularizer of this then new-fangled sanitation device. One way he spread the idea of having a toilet in the house was by creating the first bathroom fittings showroom.

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