June 24, 2012 - International Fairy Day

This holiday is for collectors of fairy tales and fairy art, and for the young at heart.

We are urged to take a walk in the countryside and enjoy the magic of nature, or to cosy up to read our favorite fairy tales.

Perhaps you could dress up as a fairy and do a fairy dance or pipe a fairy tune!

Here are some of my favorite fairy tales and fairy things:

  • Many Moons,” by James Thurber, is another favorite. 
  • Those are all fairy tales, but not tales about fairies. My long-time favorite tale-about-a-fairy is “Poppy, or the Adventures of a Fairy.” This story by Anne Perez-Guerra is hard to find (and therefore expensive)—but maybe you have access to it in a library or an old family book collection. My version is from an old red-bound book series called The Children's Hour (Spencer Press), Volume 2.
  • The Flower Fairies are creations of Cicely Mary Barker, and they appear in small-format books, figurines, and many delightful products. The official website includes games, polls, and activity sheets!
  • Fairies-dot-com has a ton of fairy products on offer. I once threw a fairy-themed birthday party for my two older daughters. It's fun to get fairy lights, to make glittery wings and wands, and to eat tiny fairy cakes.

Also on this date:

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