June 22, 2012 - Schoolteachers' Day in El Salvador

Many different nations celebrate a version of Teachers' Day—but each on a different day of the year. Today is El Salvador's turn!

This nation is the smallest in Central America—a bit smaller than the state of Massachusetts. It is the most densely populated nation in the Americas. Despite its small size, it has the largest shopping center and the largest airport of all of Central America. It also has 21—count 'em, 21!—volcanoes.

El Salvador is one of the most industrialized Central American nations but is also one of the few that is experiencing reforestation. In other words, too much of the tropical rainforest has been cut down, but now some of it has been replanted and restored.

El Salvador has some of the best surfing beaches in the world. Check it out! 

This tourism video shows a bit of volcano action, surf action, and other sights in El Salvador. 

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