May 6, 2012 - Hidirellez Festival in Turkey

 Today is a day to celebrate spring or early summer in Turkey, with a wide variety of traditions. Some people build small fires and jump over them. Some write wishes and attach them to the Nahil, a wish tree. Special spring foods and drinks are sold in street buffets, and musicians play gypsy music. Belly dancing, drumming, public art pieces, and local performers all make the festival fun.

It is said that whatever you wish tonight will come true. (But you better make your wish both likely and vague if you really want it to come true. Think fortune-cookie type predictions!)

Explore Turkey

Mysteries of Catalhoyuk” is a game based on an archaeological investigation. 

Parts of Turkey are famous for camel wrestling

Here are 44 Turkish fairy tales. And here is a very short, brightly illustrated story on the BBC website. 

If you've ever read or seen The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, you've heard of Turkish Delight. Here is a recipe for this sweet treat from Turkey. 

Here is an interesting video about Istanbul, Turkey. Wow, the architecture of the churches and mosques is truly incredible! 

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