January 30, 2012 - Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

Goodness knows, when I hear sudden loud pops as we are unwrapping precious glassware, I appreciate the fact that it is one of my kids popping bubble wrap – and not glass breaking! So I really appreciate bubble wrap...and today's the day to show it!

Apparently, the first Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day was held in 2001 in Bloomington, Indiana. The day included a Bubble Wrap popping relay, Pop-a-Bubble/Mole (like the carnival game), a sculpture contest, and a fashion contest. You can see some Bubble Wrap sculpture and fashion here.

Bubble Wrap was invented in the 50s by two engineers who were originally trying to create plastic wallpaper with a paper backing. They ended up deciding that their invention was better as cushioning packing material than as wallpaper, and they started a company called the Sealed Air Corporation in 1960. I love the fact that it is air, rather than just the plastic, that does the most protection—the plastic just seals up the air in a usable form!

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