January 29, 2012 - National Puzzle Day

This is my kind of day, because I loves me a good puzzle!

Jigsaw puzzles, word puzzles, logic puzzles, sudoku, codes, number puzzles, 3-D puzzles...I like 'em all!

Today's the day to dust off those boxes of jigsaws, or to buy a new puzzle book, or to try a new kind of puzzle online. Here are a few links to get you started:

Cryptograms are substitution codes. This free website is easy to use but challenging to solve the puzzles. Hint: use the “Hint me” key for as many hints as possible at the beginning of the game. It'll probably just give you a few vowels to get you started. I have found the puzzles much easier and more fun to solve with this get-me-started help! 

JigZone has tons and tons of free online jigsaws. There is a gallery of puzzles to explore, a puzzle-of-the-day, and a row of featured puzzles at the top. You can change the type of cut and the number of pieces to make it more or less challenging. I like the 48-piece classic cut. 

Puzzle Baron offers logic puzzles and a video tutorial about how to solve them, drop quotes, and word twist. Many of these puzzles can be printed as well as solved online.

Sudoku puzzles are very popular. Have you tried them? Web Sudoku puzzles are rated easy, medium, hard, and evil! Also, Web Sudoku offers Link-a-Pix and other logic puzzles.  

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