January 22, 2012 - Answer Your Cat's Questions Day

This isn't a day for humans to research and answer our questions about cats. Instead, we are supposed to look at the cats we know and notice that they often stare at us with serious but questioning looks on their faces; we are directed to meditate on what our cat is wondering and then to answer their unspoken questions.

According to the official website, the Number 1 cat question is, “What is on the other side of this door?” This is very curious, because often the cat has just come in through that door and, one would think, should know very well what is on the other side of the door! 

The website also has a list of rules that cats live by. Very informative!

Enjoy cats and kittens!

Everyone loves cat/kitten videos, right? Here is a "Best Of" video someone compiled... 

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