January 11 – International Thank You Day

Posted on January 11, 2017

Apparently there is a World Thank You Day half a year away, on June 11, but there can never be too many occasions to say "thank you," right?

The day is supposed to be a day when we thank all the people who contribute in some way, big or small, to our lives. This would certainly include family and friends, but it might also include neighbors, people who wait on us or help us at restaurants and stores, even famous people who entertain or inform us!

So....thank you notes, anyone? Thank you text messages, Facebook messages, e-mails, or calls? Thank you gift baskets or cards? Hugs?

It might also be a fun day to memorize a whole bunch of ways of saying thank you. Can you figure out the language of each "thanks!" below?

Here is a list of thank you in many different languages. Note that a lot of the words are hyperlinks to sound files, so you can hear them as well as see them.

In addition to saying "thanks" or "many thanks," "thank you" or "thank you so much," in English or any other language, you can say such things as "much appreciated," "I'm so grateful," "I'm in your debt," "much obliged," "I'm indebted to you," and so forth. 

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