October 8 – Fall Astronomy Day

(Every Fall, on the Saturday closest to the first quarter Moon between September and October)

Posted October 8, 2016
Astronomy: the branch of science that studies
objects we can see in the night sky, space, and the universe!

Today – and, more importantly, tonight – is one of the two annual Astronomy Days. According to the Astronomical League's website, local astronomical societies, planetariums, museums, and observatories will be having special events to help us all learn more about astronomy. Maybe there will be an event near you! 

This holiday was created way back in 1973, but of course astronomy is one of the most ancient of sciences. In ancient times people had much darker skies (no electric lights) and more opportunity to watch and learn about the heavens (no distractions like TV or video games).

Here are some great astronomy / space websites for kids, and here are some wonderful astronomy apps. Enjoy! 

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