October 8 – Independence Day in Croatia

Posted on October 8, 2015

It  was October 8, 1991. The day before, a bomb had hit a government building that was then serving as the official residence of the President of Croatia (nobody was hurt from the bombing, although one Croatian died that day from other violence during the Yugoslav Air Force strike).

In fear of another attack, the meeting of the Croatian Sabor (Parliament), being held to discuss relations with Yugoslavia, wasn't held in the House of Parliament, but instead in a basement of a corporate office. There the lawmakers voted to cut all ties with Yugoslavia.

Independence for Croatia had begun with constitutional changes in 1990 and finally was complete when the world recognized Croatia as a fully independent nation in January of 1992.

Celebrate Croatia!!!

On this date in 2011, Google celebrated Croatia's independence.

Plitvice is a gorgeous national park with 16 lakes and 92 waterfalls!

The Game of Thrones is partially filmed in the Fortress of Diocletian, in Split, and in the Fort of Klis.

There are lots and lots of islands off the coast of Croatia. (More than 1,000!) Check out the unique shape of the island of Hvar!

Someone created a cool experimental musical instrument – a sea organ – in Zadar, Croatia. The waves end up playing music because of the tubes located under the large marble steps! To hear what it sounds like, check out this video!  

Did you notice the solar-powered light display next to the sea organ? If not, check out this other video.

Speaking of videos, I like this “Dubrovnik, Croatia, in a Minute” video. 

Even better: This exciting movie “Zagreb– Pulse of the City.” 

How many different ways can you get the thrill of almost dying (while staying completely safe) in Glavani Park?

Also on this date:

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