November 19 – Happy Birthday, Jodie Foster

Posted on November 19, 2014

Jodie Foster is an actor, director, and producer. Born in Los Angeles, California, on this date in 1961, Foster was a child star whose mom worked in the movie business. And when I say “child star” - I mean young! 

Foster was just three years old when she had her first gig! She was just 14 when she first hosted Saturday Night Live, and she was just 15 when she won her first Academy Award! She was even one of the youngest people to ever win the Cecil B. DeMille Award for “outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment,” last year, at age 50.

Did you know...?

  • Jodie Foster was born Alicia Christian Foster. Some of her credits as a child include “Jody” and “Jodi” Foster; finally, in 1970, she settled on “Jodie” with an I-E ending.
  • Foster knows five languages: she speaks English of course, she speaks fluent French, she can converse in Italian, and she understands Spanish and German.

  • Foster attended Yale University and earned a B.A. in literature and, years later, a honorary Doctor of Fine Arts.

  • One of my favorite Foster films, Contact, was a hard project for the prolific actress. She said that it was hard for her to make an acute personal connection with the role of SETI scientist Ellie Arroway, and at times she had to work while rotating on a lazy Susan in front of a blue screen.
  • I feel a bit of a connection to Foster because my mom has dementia, and her mom has dementia. When accepting a prestigious award, she said to her mom, I know you’re inside those blue eyes somewhere and that there are so many things that you won’t understand tonight. But this is the only important one to take in: I love you, I love you, I love you.”
  • I like how loyal Foster is. When her buddy and fellow actor Mel Gibson made a bunch of embarrassing and very public mistakes, most Hollywood insiders turned cold shoulders on him, but Foster stood by his side, made movies with him, and took him with her to award shows—being a true friend while still acknowledging his mistakes and his flaws. Also, during her emotional acceptance speech of the Cecil B. DeMille Award, she thanked her “coparent” and “BFF” Cydney Bernard, even though the two had broken up about five years before.

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