November 19, 2011 - World Toilet Day

Billions of people in the world don't have adequate sanitation services, and thousands of these don't have any sort of modern plumbing. Improving sanitation conditions for people globally helps the environment, health, dignity, gender equality, and more! World Toilet - dot - Org increases people's awareness of this problem through events, and this organization also takes donations that are used to purchase and install toilets and other aspects of good sanitation.

To learn more about wastewater—what we flush down our toilets—check out the City of San Diego's website “Sewage in your Face.”  (Whoa! A virtual sewage treatment?) Or check out the website of the L.A. Sanitation Department of Public Works. There is a slide show and a clickable link in the category of “Wastewater Program.” 

Have you ever wondered what bathrooms and toilets looked like long, long ago? What did the ancient civilizations do with human waste?

Ancient Roman toilets, all in a row...
Find out about Ancient Rome's solutions on Kidipede

To learn about “The Long, Unglamorous History of the Toilet,” read Gizmodo's article. 

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