January 2 – National Science Fiction Day

Posted on January 2, 2014

Today was NOT chosen as National Science Fiction Day because it is the anniversary of the supposed discovery of the planet Vulcan. (That “discovery” turned out to be science fiction, not science fact!) Instead it was chosen because today is the birthday of science fiction great Isaac Asimov

Science fiction can be wonderful in all the ways that other fiction can be wonderful. It can be exciting and adventurous like Westerns and spy novels. It can feature brain-teasing murder mysteries like, you know, murder mysteries. It can offer terrifying horror or sweet, sweet romance, great settings and characters, twisty plots and well-written disalogue.

But science fiction has something-extra special that Westerns, spy novels, murder mysteries, horror, and romance books don't offer: What it?

Science fiction usually looks to the future and asks “What if?” questions about our possible actions, problems, or ultimate fate. It can look at places far, far away in place and/or time and ask “What if?” questions about alien interactions and behavior. It can explore alternate histories, parallel universes, and right-here-and-now-but-different worlds.

Check out science fiction short stories, novels, and movies today. Here are some suggestions:
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