May 19, 2013 - May Ray Day

Is your name Ray? 
                              IF YES → Celebrate May Ray Day!

If NO, go on.
If it sunny today? (with plenty of sun rays)? 
                              IF YES → Celebrate May Ray Day!
If NO, go on.
Do you enjoy sunny days, with plenty or rays?
                              IF YES → Celebrate May Ray Day!

This holiday is an excuse to go outdoors and soak up some rays. And it's also a day for people named Ray.

(By the way, if you do go outside, be sure to wear protection against the sun—sunscreen and your Ray-Bans or other sunglasses.)

Here are a few of my favorite Rays / rays:

Ray Charles was a musician who went blind at age 7 but became a legend as an adult. He is credited with being a pioneer in soul music and racially integrating country and pop music. Check out Ray singing Georgia on My Mind and  America the Beautiful

Manta rays are large fish that are close relatives of sharks. Like other rays and skates, they have almost diamond-shaped bodies. And when I say large, I mean up to 23 feet (7 meters) wide! Try drawing a manta wave using this Art for Kids Hub video

In geometry, a ray is a line that has a beginning, but no end. This is kind of like a ray of light coming from a star. The light ray has a starting point (the star) but no ending point; it just goes on forever. (In reality, a lot of light does not go on “forever,” but gets absorbed when it runs into a planet, or a bit of interstellar dust, or a star, etc..) 

Dorothy Jean Ray was an author and anthropologist who studied Native Alaskan art and culture. Check out Alaska Native Arts Organization. 

Ray Bradbury was a science fiction author of best-selling books such as The Martian Chronicles, Something Wicked This Way Comes, and Fahrenheit 451.  I personally find Bradbury's writing interesting but upsetting. Here is a link to a story about children who live on Venus. (Note that Bradbury wrote the story before our space probes and other machines discovered that Venus is super hot!) WARNING: This story is somewhat disturbing.

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