January 23 – Anniversary of the Creation of Liechtenstein

Posted on January 23, 2014

Europe has some really tiny countries!
Liechtenstein is one of them. At just 61 square miles (160 square km), the nation is just a little bit bigger than a city near me, Anaheim, California (where Disneyland is). It's much smaller than the really large city near me, Los Angeles.
And we're comparing cities with nations, mind you!
It is a German-speaking countries tucked in between two other German-speaking countries—Switzerland and Austria—and it is known as a principality, with a government headed by a prince. 
Liechtenstein was created on this date in 1719.
Being small has some great advantages. It is one of the richest nations, per capita, and its unemployment rate and its crime rate are some of the lowest in the world! Liechtenstein doesn't even have any military forces!
Other things that make Liechtenstein special:
  • It's the only nation that lies entirely in the Alps.
  • It's one of just two nations that are doubly landlocked—which means that you would have to go through two other nations, from Liechtenstein, before you would come to an ocean.
  • Like the other tiny countries in Europe, Liechtenstein has no airport.
Get a good feel for Liechtenstein from this short video

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