October 15 – National Tree Planting Day in Sri Lanka

Posted on October 15, 2013

Planting trees is a good thing to do no matter where you live! Trees provide shade, take a lot of carbon dioxide out of the air (and therefore fight global warming), provide homes and food for creatures, and help prevent soil erosion!

Today is the tree-planting day in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is sometimes called the “Teardrop of India.” Can you see why?

Here are some great things about Sri Lanka:

  • It's one of only two nations in South Asia that is ranked “High” on the Human Development Index, which is a rating that takes into consideration how wealthy people in a nation are, how long they live, and how educated they are.
  • It's so beautiful, it is called the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, and there is a TON of biodiversity – which means that there are many, many different plant and animals species on the island.
  • Even though Sri Lanka is only about as large as West Virginia, there is a lot of different cultures and religions and languages represented there.
  • The small nation has 45 estuaries, which are the mouths of rivers, where salty tides meet fresh streams—and life abounds! It also has 40 lagoons, extensive mangrove swamps, and fringing coral reefs.

To learn more about Sri Lanka, check out this earlier post

Here is a short video about Sri Lanka, and here is a longer one. You can certainly see that this is a beautiful island!

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