October 14 – Native American Day in South Dakota

Posted on October 14, 2013

Some people have urged Americans to switch honoring from Columbus on the second Monday in October to honoring Native Americans (often called American Indians) on that day.

(And that would be today!)

So far, South Dakota is the only state that made that change official. 

(However, California and Tennessee have established official Native American Days in September.)

Of course, every family can choose to celebrate Columbus or Native Americans (OR BOTH!), even if they don't live in South Dakota!

I traveled to South Dakota for the first time this summer, and I saw some amazing and sad and beautiful memorials, artifacts, art, and historical markers having to do with the Oglala Lakota and other Indians. Here are some things that struck me as I remembered this trip:

  • I saw beautiful dreamcatchers. Here are directions for making one.
  • I saw some poverty and read some heart-rending stories about mistreatment of Native Americans. But I also saw a lot of strength and character; here is a video about a Lakota boy who has plenty of each!
  • Here is some info on the Lakota Sioux and other plains Indians.

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