October 14, 2011 - World Egg Day

Eggs are a relatively inexpensive source of protein, so make an egg-in-the-basket for breakfast, have a hard-boiled egg for lunch (sprinkled with black pepper and paprika, perhaps!), and eat up yesterday's leftovers with a frittata for dinner.

Or....there are lots of other ways to enjoy eggs, glorious eggs! 

Read, watch, do!

  • There are many kinds of egg art. Pysanky, which involves dye and wax resist, comes from the Ukraine and nearby regions. Gluing beautiful items to eggshells in the style of Faberge eggs honors Russian traditions. A compressed-air drill or saw can cut into egg shell for spectacular results. Check them all out here

  • And check out the Egg Man's Halloween eggs here

We like to make Halloween egg treats by simply dying hard-boiled eggs orange (use food color) and then drawing jack-o-lantern faces on them with Fine-Point Sharpies.

For more info on World Egg Day, check out the official website.

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