March 4, 2013 - March Forth on March Fourth

Today we are urged to march forth into our lives and DO SOMETHING!

Some people who write about the beckoning call of this special day encourage us to spend a bit of time thinking about our life and where we want to be next March Forth/Fourth. They challenge us to try something completely new today, and they urge us to pamper ourselves at least for a few minutes today.

Have you ever wanted to jump off the high dive of the high school pool? To try lawn bowling or tennis? To ride a horse or adopt a cat? To cook an 8-course meal? To start drawing lessons at the community center or local craft-supplies store?

Use the inspiration of the March Forth holiday to actually do that goal that you've been putting off for so long!

A slightly different way of celebrating is to find a project you can do to make the world a better place. You could call up the local soup kitchen and see if you can help set up tables or ladle out soup. You could get a group of friends together to clean up trash on a local beach. You could hold a bake sale to raise money for an animal rescue group. Follow your own passion, look for opportunities in your own community, but do something!

Here are two things I want to do today:

1. Reorganize a room that has old projects and artworks stacked up.

2. Do the finishing touches on a science fiction book for kids that I want to e-publish.

Also on this date:

Inventor Garrett Morgan's birthday

Anniversary of the discovery of the Orion Nebula

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