April 4, 2012 - Holiday Time in Taiwan

Celebrate kids! Celebrate women! And sweep those tombs!


April 4 used to be celebrated as Children's Day in Taiwan. But parents had to go along with their kids to the special school activities, so the legislature also made the day Women's Day. The proper name of the holiday, now, is “The Combined Holiday of Women's Day and Children's Day.”

Today also happens to be the fifteenth day after the spring equinox—which means that it is also Tomb Sweeping Day in Taiwan!

I think it might be a bit challenging to go to the graveyard, sweep and clean the grave sites of one's ancestors, and make offerings to them, and still have to rush off to the special presentation at school. The women-and-children combo-holiday doesn't always fall on the same day as Tomb-Sweeping Day, but when it does, it makes a sort of mega-holiday!

To find out more about Tomb-Sweeping Day, check out this earlier post.

Celebrate Taiwan!

Taiwan is an island nation properly called the Republic of China. It used to be based in mainland China but got pushed out by the Communist forces of the People's Republic of China in 1949. According to its constitution, the ROC supposedly represents all of China, mainland and island, but the PRC (which most of us call simply “China”) also claims to rule all of China, mainland and island. Some people want reunification, others don't. We'll see what happens...

I liked this beautiful video about Taiwan, but although it promised “English subtitles,” there were no English subtitles! Still, I don't need to know what is being sung to enjoy seeing the beautiful landscapes, beautiful people, and beautiful lantern festival! 

This very short travel video highlights five sights to see in Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan. 

To learn more about Taiwan, see this earlier post (scroll down to Ten-Ten). 

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Plan ahead for International Pillow Fight Day on Saturday, April 7! 

There's a huge pillow fight near me. Maybe there will be one near you, too! Check it out here

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