April 11, 2012 - National Pet Day

 The theme of this day is “Adopt! Don't shop!”

We are urged to adopt new pets from animal shelters, where 16,000 creatures (including more than 600 baby animals) die each and every day in the U.S. alone.

Even if you don't want a new pet, you can help save lives by donating money to spay/ neuter programs of your local animal shelters and rescues. Even a dollar a month can make a difference to these worthwhile programs!

Some people help save animal lives by holding adoption events or putting on car washes or bake sales to raise money for local shelters. Or check out the official website

The lighter side of National Pet Day might involve showing off your pets at show-and-tell or a Pet Show (organize a relaxed-but-fun “pet show” for your friends!) posting pictures of your pets on a social network, and giving your pets a special treat in honor of the day! Here are some dog treat recipes, and here are some recipes for cat treats. 

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