February 4, 2012 - Ice Cream for Breakfast Day

There's an official website for this new-fangled holiday, which began very humbly, in just one home, with some parents wanting their two kids to enjoy a cheery winter holiday on the first Saturday of each February. And on this website, we are all encouraged to spread the word about Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. Hence, this post!

Try a scoop of your favorite ice cream with a sprinkle of your favorite dry cereal. I particularly like granola (or one of those dried-strawberries-sliced-almonds cereals) on vanilla ice cream. I wonder what Cinnamon Toast Crunch, or Trix, or Cap'n Crunch would be like on ice cream...mmm, sounds yum!

Someone suggested a bowl of hot oatmeal with a scoop of vanilla ice cream instead of milk. You could add your favorite oatmeal-topper, still—brown sugar, or raisins, or cinnamon-sugar!

The Sneaky Chef has some ice-cream-breakfast recipes. 

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