February 18, 2012 - Battery Day

This is the 267th birthday of Alessandro Volta, the Italian guy who invented the battery.

In his honor, we celebrate batteries today!

Batteries store chemical energy and convert it to electrical energy when needed. Since Volta first made a voltaic pile (a primitive battery) with zinc, copper, and cardboard soaked in salt water, batteries have been used in everything from hearing aids and watches to cars and data centers.

By the way, because of Volta's contributions to knowledge about electricity, we call electrical force voltage, and a unit of that force volt.

Celebrate Battery Day!

  • Replace your single-use batteries with rechargeable batteries.

  • Find out where to recycle single-use batteries. Consider passing out fliers in your neighborhood reminding people that discarded batteries can poison the environment; set up collection dates when you promise to collect batteries put out by people's front doors, and properly recycle any you collect.

  • Learn about batteries and electricity at Battery Kids. There are lots of projects and experiments to check out!

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