November 17, 2011 - National Unfriend Day

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel has announced today as the Second Annual Unfriend Day, in which he encourages all of us Facebook users to go through our “friends” list on Facebook and unfriend anybody who shouldn't be on it.

I suppose he has a good point, but as all comedians do (and should do, right?), he takes it to silly extremes on his show

(Trust me, you can be friends with your mom!)

This post takes a more serious look at the need for unfriending IF you have hundreds or thousands of Facebook “friends.” 

More importantly than UNfriending is NOT smoking!
Today is also...
Great American Smokeout

One of the biggest things you can do to improve your chances for a long and healthy life is to NOT smoke tobacco. Even people who have smoked for years benefit greatly by quitting. The American Cancer Society reminds us that today is the 36th annual Great American Smokeout. If you don't know the huge benefits of choosing not to smoke, be sure to check out the website

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