November 12, 2011 - National Gaming Day

Libraries across the world are participating in National Gaming Day by busting out the board games, role-playing games, and video games. According to the ALA, libraries are all about community, and games can and should be, too.

I looked up the nearest participating library on the official Gaming Day website, and it is only 30 minutes away. But if there isn't a library hosting Gaming Day activities near you, you could declare your home honorary-library status for the night and host a game party yourself!

Also: Domino Day

Since 2001, the second Friday or Saturday of November has been declared Domino Day, as a group of people in the Netherlands has tried to set a world record (or two or ten) in domino stunts. Domino Days were declared in other years, from 1986 to 2000, on different days and months.

The “biggie” is the goal of setting a world record for the number of dominos toppled in a single event, and the Dutch group has met this goal every year except 2007. In 1986, the record was more than 700 thousand dominos out of one million dominos set up; by 2009, the record was almost four and half million dominos toppled out of 4,800,000 dominos set up!

To get in the mood for Domino Day 2011, watch this.

Here is a video that shows how people create huge domino-toppled art pieces – using harnesses and tweezers and clear plastic bridges and racks.  (Note: this video is odd because we see people talking but don't hear what they are saying. Although I believe the video was taken in the Netherlands, and I don't understand Dutch, so perhaps I at least didn't “miss” anything.)

And here is a video that shows the rare multi-story domino toppling! 
Oh, wait, this is even better: a pyramid made out more than 6,000 dominos!

Well, I could spend all day cruising around You Tube looking at cool domino videos, but maybe I should get out my own dominos, instead, and try to do the world's tiniest domino-toppling event!

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