November 16, 2011 - Geographic Information Systems Day

Today, the National Geographic Society and other organizations are trying to spread the word on how GIS technology can make a difference in our world. The official website posts information about GIS Day events all over the world... and also offers some lessons, book suggestions, and links to web-based activities for kids. Check it out!

  • Many kids, families, and classrooms are using GPS technology to do cool things such as geocaching. Here are five fun ways to use GPS.

  • Many of us are used to using computers and smart phones for driving directions and maps, but have you ever used iMap Builder to create flash maps on your computer? 

  • Also, Hexographer is map-making software that allows users to create hex-style maps, town maps, battlemaps, and other maps for role-playing games, board games, or wargames. There is a free version!

To learn more about geography, explore the games at KidsGeo-dot-com and the links at Enchanted Learning.

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