May 6, 2010

Be Kind to Animals, Nurses, and Teachers

In the United States, this is
Teacher Appreciation Week and Week of the Classroom Teacher.

It is also Be Kind to Animals Week and National Pet Week.

It is also National Nurses Day.

Whew! What a lot of piling onto one week and day!

Actually, (at least in the United States) every week and day seems to be set off for appreciation of several somethings and someones—even National Nothing Day has a few not-nothings to celebrate and commemorate!

You ce
rtainly can't celebrate and commemorate everything every day...but it might be nice to give your favorite teacher a cupcake and your favorite dog a bone – or otherwise celebrate teachers and pets. (I'm hoping that you aren't going to be seeing a nurse as a patient today, but perhaps you know a nurse who could use a cupcake, as well?)

By the w

When we
say “Be kind to animals,” does it mean just being gentle with our pets, or does it also mean trying to preserve environments in which wild animals can thrive? Preserving land, cleaning up air and water, and saving forests? If you have a favorite wild spot or wildlife project, this might be a great week to donate time or money to your cause.
Check out the American Humane Society's website.

Some suggestions the society makes:

  • Make a pet blanket.
  • Build a bird feeder.
  • Build a kitty castle or a puppy bed for your pet.
  • Make a pet care bin for home storage.
  • Design a pet adoption kit for a local shelter.
  • Volunteer clean-up.
More ideas can be found here.

The Society urges us to appreciate (and perhaps photograph) wildlife, but also points out that wild animals don't make good pets. The website offers some do's and don'ts about dealing with wildlife to protect that wildlife and people, too!

Check out your pet.

Take this opportunity to make sure your pet's inoculations are up to date.

The National Pet Week website offers some specifics on pet care, incl
uding podcasts on canine influenza (doggie flu), how to give a cat a pill, and other topics. There are articles on traveling with pets and becoming a veterinarian.

Vets, Nurses, and Teachers are needed all over the world...

but there are many other jobs out there, too!

Brainstorm some jobs you might want to have when you are grown up...

Explore Kids Work to find out more about various careers.
Older teens can learn about career planning here.

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