May 5, 2010

Children's Day
in South Korea

This is a national holiday in South Korea, and it is seen as a time for gifts and fun. Many parents take their kids to amusement parks, movies, parks, zoos, and other excursions—and some of these fun places offer free admission to children on this day! Also, some stores give out free gifts to children on this day.

Tae kwon do demonstrations are a part of Children's Day for some kids. This martial art started in Korea more than two thousand years ago and involves quick, sharp kicking.

Another common activity of the day is traditional games such as the boardgame yut.

Enjoy these photos of Children's Day.

By the way...

Many other cultures celebrate “Children's Day,” although in different months and days. Japan's Children's Day is the same date as South Korea's, but North Korea's version falls in June.

Learn more about South Korea.

  • Here is Haetae (or Haechi, a fire-breathing dog) to color. According to Mythical Creatures Guide, Haetae can stop time, go back in time, or fast-forward time. It also causes the moon's phases and eclipses by biting the moon. Its most important ability may be that it can eat fire—and therefore it can protect people and buildings from fire.
(By the way, the Guide I linked to says that Haetae is a Japanese creature that is commonly seen in or in front of Japanese buildings, but apparently the authors of the website got it wrong. The photo, and the creature and its myth, are Korean.)
  • Here is a South Korean flag to color.
  • When you hear the phrase paper doll, you think of something flat, right? Well, check out these beautiful 3-D paper dolls, made with exquisite handmade paper!
You can use this coloring page to make regular old (2-D) paper dolls of traditional Korean costume.
  • If you're bold and adventurous, you may want to try some Korean cooking. Here are “video recipes” for three egg dishes.
You may have a Korean restaurant or grocery store near you, in which case you can have some yummies without cooking it yourself.

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