May 21, 2010

Sheep Festival – Cameroon

This Af
rican nation celebrated its National Day yesterday. (Independence came slowly, in pieces—French Cameroon in 1960, then Southern Cameroon in 1961—and several governments were formed before the current one was established on May 21, 1972.)

The Sheep Festival that occurs in Cameroon today celebrates the sheep herds coming down from the mountains each year.

Play Some Games!

Cameroon is located in the "nook" of Africa. Do you know where other countries of Africa are located?

This African Geography website has so many things to do—from an animals-in-the-grassland activity on the right-hand side, to the country blurbs on the left. But the best part are the three learning games in the middle – each game has so many game levels!

This Africa geography game is a little bit more video game-ish.

Enjoy Some Art!

Check out this beaded statue from Cameroon.

There are lots of photos of Cameroon here; scroll down to enjoy the carved wooden figurines and masks, and then scroll down even further to enjoy the wonderful batik tablecloths. (You might as well also enjoy the landscapes and portraits.)

Make Some Art

Batik is a method of putting designs onto fabric using wax-resist dyeing.

Here are some wonderful batik pieces from Cameroon.

And here are instructions for an easy batik-T-shirt craft.

These instructions are less authentic (we are urged to use glue rather than wax crayons), but they may well be easier, even, than the basic batik technique explained above.

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