August 8 – Create / Happiness

Posted on August 8, 2017

Today would be an excellent date to create happiness...

...Given that it is The Date to Create and Happiness Happens Day!

In 1999, the Secret Society of Happy People created "Admit You're Happy Day" as a day to recognize and express happiness. They selected the anniversary of their first membership, August 8, to be the day to celebrate.

People often say that they "just want to be happy." Well...that's kind of a problem, because almost everybody is happy some of the time, and absolutely nobody is happy all of the time.

So if everlasting and continuous happiness is the goal, we all fail.

It might be better to have a goal like overall contentment and increasing the number of happy moments. One way to increase your happy moments is to try to increase someone else's happy moments. It feels good to make someone else happy, and that can make you a bit more happy...right?

So do a good turn, send a card, help a stranger, smile a lot, call a friend.

Of course, being good to yourself is also pretty cool. Today might be a good day to treat yourself to a favorite meal or dessert, or to take time off normal responsibilities to read a fun book or play an online game.

Another way to gain more happy moments is to create something. Which is perfect, since today is also The Date to Create.

What can you create?

What can't you create?

Play music, invent a new tune, sing karaoke.
Whip up a gorgeous and yummy meal, invent a new cookie recipe.

Build a gate, craft a bird feeder, invent your own LEGO castle.

Draw a picture, make a painting, shoot some great photos.

Enroll in a ceramics class, make a kite, explore the world to Do It Yourself.

Sew a grocery bag, embroider a pillow, learn to knit.

Learn to code, invent an app, build a website.

Write a poem, start a blog, work on that novel you've been meaning to write.

Choreograph a dance to a popular radio hit, express emotions through movement, experiment with combining drumming and dance.

Fiddle around with batteries and wires, invent a new gadget, build a better ______ [fill in the blank].

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