September 23 – Mabon in the Northern Hemisphere

Posted on September 23, 2015

In Wicca (a Pagan religion), Mabon is the name of the Autumnal equinox.

Mabon is a mid-harvest festival that, in the past, Celtic people celebrated by dressing up in their best clothes, feasting, and making offerings. It is named after the Welsh God of Youth, Mabon ap Modron (the son of the Earth Mother goddess, Modron).

Some modern-day Wiccans celebrate the day by taking walks in the woods; gathering dried herbs, plants, seeds, and seed pods; and decorating graves with leaves, acorns, and pine cones. Some more mystical activities include offering libations to trees (pouring out liquids on them), scattering offerings in already-harvested fields, and making an altar using symbols of Mabon.

Speaking of the symbols of Mabon, here they are: (You may recognize them as symbols of fall, autumn, and harvest generally, not just in Wicca!)

dried beans and seeds 
horns of plenty

Here are some fall crafts that are associated with Mabon:

(I found easier, kid-friendly cornucopia crafts here.)


Mmm, baked apples with salted caramel sauce!
I read one account that said that Mabon is the Witch's Thanksgiving. It suggested that nut breads, roasted squash and other vegetables, a hearty multi-bean soup, and spiced hot apple cider are great suggestions for the Mabon feast. 

Rubbing chicken with sage, basil and thyme before roasting, and sprinkling buttered acorn squash with cinnamon and honey fall in with traditional flavors. 

Anything apple and anything pumpkin is appropriate, as well.

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