September 21 – Joining the U.N. Day

Posted on September 21, 2015

I thought it was interesting that eight different nations were admitted to the United Nations on a September 21...but in different years!

  • On this date in 1965, Gambia, Maldives, and Singapore were admitted.
  • On this date in 1971, Bahrain, Bhutan, and Qatar were admitted.
  • On this date in 1976, Seychelles was admitted.
  • And on this date in 1984, Brunei was admitted.

Why are 8 out of the 192 Member States of the U.N. admitted on September 21? 

(If you think about it, more than 4% of the Member States joined on just 0.27% of the possible days.)

I couldn't discover the answer to that question, but there are many other admission dates for the various nations, as you can see on the United Nations' official list. I did notice that the various dates aren't evenly spread out over the entire year. Most of the member states, it seems, have been admitted into the U.N. during the months of September, October, November, or December – over the course of 70 years.

Which nation is which?

The eight nations celebrating their U.N.-iversary today include African and Asian nations. Can you figure out which is the correct answer to each item below?

  1. Which of the nations' locations is marked with a red dot? 

2. Which of the nations is located within the orange square?

3. Which of the nations is located within the green circle?

4. Which of the nations is located in the Middle East, marked on this map in red?

5. Which of the nations is located within the orange dotted shape?

6. Which of the nations is located within the pink circle?

7. Which of the nations is colored green on this map?

8. Which of the nations is this island group located in the Persian Gulf?











17. An island city-state and global financial center
18. A nation made up of 30 islands in the Persian Gulf – a perfect location to be a major trade center
19. A nation located on a peninsula that sticks out into the Persian Gulf; it enjoys a high standard of living because of its petroleum reserves
20. An island nation found in the Indian Ocean, made up of hundreds of islets and coral atolls
21. A group of more than 100 islands off the coast of East Africa
22. A Buddhist kingdom perched high in the Himalaya mountains
23. A tiny Southeast Asian country famous for beaches and rainforest
24. A small nation in Africa that is essentially the two banks of the river for which it is named 










    1.Singapore – 2. Brunei - 3. Gambia – 4. Qatar – 5. Seychelles - 6. Maldives – 7. Bhutan - 8. Bahrain –
    9. Bahrain – 10. Bhutan – 11. Qatar – 12. Brunei – 13. Singapore – 14. Gambia – 15. Maldives –
    16. Seychelles – 17. Singapore – 18. Bahrain - 19. Qatar - 20. Maldives - 21. Seychelles - 22. Bhutan –
    23. Brunei – 24. Gambia – 25. Seychelles – 26. Gambia – 27. Maldives – 28. Bhutan – 29. Qatar – 30. Brunei – 31. Bahrain - 32. Singapore

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