August 6 – Anniversary of the Sale of New Holland

Posted on August 6, 2015

Knowing that the Dutch colony that eventually became New York City was called New Amsterdam, I thought that “New Holland” might refer to the larger New York area. But, instead, the Dutch territory in North America was called New Netherlands.

Knowing that there are several towns, villages, or communities called “New Holland” in the U.S., I still assumed that this sale might be located here in North America.

What I didn't know is that there a LOT of “New Holland”s in the world! From an island in Russia to a settlement in Jamaica, from a village in England to the entire continent of Australia, a lot of places are or have been called Nova Hollandia or some other form of New Holland.

The one we are talking about today was in what is now Northeast Brazil.
The Dutch West India Company created several settlements and eventually the Dutch Republic controlled almost half of Brazil.

However, while the Dutch were settling parts of South America, the Spanish and Portuguese were settling other parts of the continent. And there were squabbles and battles over the land, for sure. (I didn't see a report of battles by native peoples against European settlers, but that had to happen somewhere, right?)

The Portuguese ended up winning a decisive battle against the Dutch, and on this date in 1661, the Treaty of The Hague was signed, and New Holland was formally ceded to Portugal in return for four million réis.

Learn more about Northeastern Brazil!

It is known for hot weather, beautiful beaches, and warm waters. 

This region is known for unique, diverse culture and festivals.

There is a lot of African influence on food and other culture
in Northeastern Brazil. (Above and below)

Recife (above and below) was the capital city of the Dutch Republic.
It is crossed by so many rivers and canals, it is sometimes called
the Venice of Brazil.

The region is also known for arid backlands.

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