August 10 – World Lion Day

Posted on August 10, 2015

The King of the Beasts!

Leo, the lion of zodiac fame...

The King of the Jungle, the majestic hunter...

Big cat, thunder cat...

Elsa and Simba, Aslan and Mufasa, the Cowardly Lion and Scar and Nala and...

Lions are thought of as some of the most regal, powerful, and beautiful carnivores on the planet.

Today is a great day to dedicate some time, money, and effort toward saving these amazing creatures. On the endangered list, experts warn that lions could become extinct by 2050, if we don't act now. We don't want to live in a world without we?

World Lion day was started by Big Cat Rescue.  This organization is one of the largest accredited sanctuaries in the world, home for big cats who have been abandoned, abused, orphaned, or retired from circus acts. Charity Navigator gives it four out of four stars!

Take this quick quiz to test or build your knowledge of lions:

1. Who does most of the hunting for a pride, male lions or female lionesses?
2. What continent (or continents) do lions live on?
3. About how many hours a day do lions rest (when living in the wild)?
a. 10 hours b. 15 hours c. 20 hours
4. Lions are sometimes called “King of the Jungle” – but do they actually live in the jungle?
5. What do most lionesses prefer, light manes or dark manes, thick manes or sparse manes?


     1. Lionesses do most of the hunting.
  1. Most lions live in Africa. There used to be lions over a wide swath of Asia, but most Asiatic lions have died out, other than one area in India.
  2. 20 hours
  3. Most lions live in the savannahs, which are open plains; however, most Asiatic lions alive today inhabit a forest in India.
  4. Lionesses prefer thick, dark manes.

Here is a longer quiz from National Geographic!

Surprising facts about lions:

  • Take a look at the countries that have lion as their national animals – even though most of them do not have natural populations of lions!
Belgium Bulgaria England Ethiopia Liberia Luxembourg Macedonia Morocco the Netherlands Singapore

The Czech Republic's national animal is the mythical double-tailed lion!

And Sri Lanka doesn't have an officially-official national animal, but lions are the most celebrated animal in that country.

  • Do you know what you get when you breed lions with tigers? How about lions and leopards, or jaguars?
Lions + Tigers = Ligers and Tigons Lions + Leopards = Leopons Lions + Jaguars = Jaglions

Above, jaglions.
Below, a liger.


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