March 21 – Spring Fairy Fun Day

Posted on March 21, 2015

It's wonderful to celebrate the spring! And from burning snowmen to cleaning the house, getting new clothes or planting bulbs, people do celebrate the spring.

Some of us Northern-Hemisphere types celebrate it right about now!

The fairy folk are supposed to be celebrating spring, too. At least that's what the Fairy Society Artist Community Network would have you believe. These amazing artists create dolls and figurines, paintings and books—of fairies and pixies and dragons and all manner of magical folk and creatures. 

For more fairy fun, check out Maytime Frolics for Irish Fairies and International Fairy Day

  • To celebrate the day, how about giving flowers to loved ones with notes claiming that the flowers are from the Spring Fairy?

  • Or make a fairy garden to decorate your yard.
  • Or read about the Cottingley Fairies, a story of how two young girls fooled photography experts and the author of the Sherlock Holmes books into thinking that fairies played with them!

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