February 6 – National Doodle Day in the U.K.

Posted on February 6, 2015

Today Epilepsy Action (a charity in the U.K.) is raising money by celebrating National Doodle Day: drawing a line through epilepsy. You can check out the official Doodle Day website,  which includes some celebrity doodles that are being auctioned off as a fundraiser. There are also downloads and resources and of course a link for donations.

Another part of that website is “Doodle Meanings.” There you will find some great info on what doodles are, why people do it, and how you can interpret doodles. 

Have you heard of Zendoodling? It is the art of drawing designs using a variety of patterns within shapes. When you create a zendoodle, you tend to drift into a calm and quiet state of mind. Your focus on your hand and the patterns you are creating draw your mind away from your everyday concerns.

  • Here is a great explanation of how to do Zendoodling.
  • Here is a Pinterest page with some cool Zendoodling resources. 
  • Here is a Doodle Name project!

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