February 17 – Champion Crab Races Day

Posted on February 17, 2015

I am, frankly, skeptical.

It's not that I don't believe grown people gather together once a year and watch crabs race – that happens way more often than once a year, actually!

It's that I would think most people wouldn't want to take off of work or school to race crabs, so I cannot help but think that this is one of those “third Saturdays of February” sorts of holidays.

But I consulted bunches of sources on the internet, and every one of them that mentioned Champion Crab Races Day insisted that it is today!

Now, about those grown people watching crabs race...

Hermit crabs don't grow their own shell, but instead adopt a mollusk's old, outgrown shell. For example, this hermit crowd has adopted a sea snail's old shell.

This makes it easy for the crab racers. Each hermit crab owner can provide a specially marked or decorated shell that can be easily spotted among all the other, different shells. Racers often choose hermit crabs just for the race, and these might even be marked with numbers (like basketball jerseys or football uniforms!). With clearly marked hermit crab shells, everyone can agree about who won!

Check out this video to see just how exciting crab racing can be! 

  • Learn more about hermit crabs here or here

Have you ever wondered what a hermit crab
looks like outside of its shell?

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