September 19 – Clean Up the World Weekend

Posted on September 19, 2014

I remember a very important thing to me was seeing the Earth from another world—the moon—for the first time, at the same time that everyone else in the world saw that same sight for the first time. I think a lot of people realized with a pang just how beautiful and singular and fragile our one world really is. I think a lot of us realized how ridiculous it would be to ruin the only world we can comfortably live on.

And yet...

...We want to have air conditioners and cars, refrigerators and swimming pools. We want to make and buy computers and books, cell phones and surfboards. Many of us want to eat steaks or bacon, and we want to eat fruit and chocolate from all over the world.

And with all that wanting and making, buying and selling, having and having and more having, we end up polluting the air, soil, and water, and we end up cutting down too much of this and growing too much of that, paving too much here and allowing plants and animals to die out there.

This weekend is all about rolling up your sleeves and doing your part to help clean up humanity's messes. Let it be a jump-off place to doing ongoing environmental action—look for ways to save energy EVERY week and weekend, say, and consider making a small donation EVERY month to a wildlife fund.

  • Find a worthy environmental cause to donate to...maybe a local group? You can find out how charities stack up by investigating them on Charity Navigator

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