September 19, 2011 - Talk Like a Pirate Day

Arr, it's that time o' the year again, and if ye don't be knowin' what 'tis I'm saying, see this here and this there. Have yerself a right merry time, matey!


Happy Birthday, George Cadbury!

When I say Cadbury, you say chocolate. Ready?


Born on this day in 1839, in England, George Cadbury grew up in the chocolate business. His dad had started the business, and when he retired George and his brother Richard took over. Cadbury's was the first company in Britain to sell cocoa, which was a powder made from roasting, winnowing, and grinding cocoa beans, and then—very important!--adding sugar. Cadbury's also made milk chocolate by adding fresh full-cream milk to the cocoa powder.

The Cadbury brothers believed in the social rights of workers. When they could afford to, they moved the factory to a country location, and they built a “factory town” with houses provided to workers at low cost. Everyone had fresh air and yards and gardens—a wonderful change from the dirty, crowded conditions in cities of the time. They installed canteens and sports grounds in the town. George Cadbury (after his brother died) even started committees of workers to suggest ideas that would improve their lives. Based on ideas from these committees, workers got annuities, deposit accounts, and education facilities.

(Cadbury made other important donations and contributions, including working for old-age pensions and against war and sweatshop labor. He even bought a newspaper so that he could spread his anti-imperialist ideas.)


  • Buy a Cadbury chocolate bar! (Be sure to speak “pirate” to the sales clerk!)

  • Consider finding and supporting companies that respect workers' rights and make contributions to society.

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